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Wonderful every single time

This podcast is well researched, well presented, and wonderful on every single subject. 100% recommend to anyone.

Love coffee and this podcast

Just finished the Frida Kahlo episode, and I loved it! Great writing, great voice. Lovely bit of history! Highly recommend!

You’ll learn something new each week!

Great informative podcast where I learn some tidbit of history that inevitably got glossed over in my school age years. Alycia is a natural raconteur with a passion for history and it shows. Pour yourself a cuppa and have a listen.

Smart and efficient

I love that I can get facts and stories so quickly! The host is easy to listen to and adds in some humor for good measure.

Civics in small snarky bites, I love it!

I love the the learning about civics, who knew!? If only they would have served coffee and had host (as opposed to a teacher) who brings the characters, events settings of history to life in such an entertaining way. Keep up the good work!!

Informative and Energizing

I love coffee. I love learning the truth about history (rather than what I learned in school). This podcast is perfect. Bite-size (sip-size?) episodes teach me new things every time. The information is easy to absorb. This is a must-listen.

Add Sugar and Cream

Civics & Coffee excels in how concise and interesting it is in bite sized (or coffee sized) duration chunks. While the focus is on United States history, there is a a wide variety of topics being examined. Everyone, from history buffs to those with even mild interest in learning history, needs to a…

Quick Bites of History

This is a fantastic podcast where I'm learning history (don't want to be doomed to repeat it) in little coffee cup sized snippets. I truly appreciate the lesser known topics that was never taught during my schooling years, and it is all presented in a smart and approachable way. Do yourself a favor…

Fun and educational

Just subscribe already. 10/10 definitely recommend.

great concept. great coffee.

love the short, but informative format. perfect with a cup of coffee.

My Saturday Mornings Just Got Better

I love Alycia’s short and sweet (and funny) history lessons on Saturday mornings while drinking a cup of coffee! It’s nice to learn random tidbits of history that I never knew about. My 8 year old loves listening too!! Can’t wait for more!

Bite sized history!

Absolutely loooving this podcast. Alycia gives such fascinating and important information about American history. She leaves these awesome breadcrumbs in each episode, making you excited to hear more about a future subject she mentions in passing.


Wonderful way to get a quick history refresher and maybe learn something new in under 10 minutes!