Civics & Coffee

Fun podcast with one irritation

I've recently discovered this podcast and I'm enjoying going through the past episodes. The host is friendly and chatty and lets her personality shine through. As these episodes are a bit on the shorter side, they are perfect for my morning listening.

But, I have one petty (but, to me, HUGE) irritation....and I will say that I'm into episodes that originally aired in July 2021, so this may have since been corrected, but the host really needs to look up the meaning of the word "infamous." Infamous and famous are not actually synonyms! Martha Washington is not "infamous" for being the first First Lady. However, Richard Nixon is "infamous" for having to resign the presidency in shame. Every time the word infamous comes up (and it comes up at least once an episode) I just want to scream. Hopefully, the host has learned the error of her ways and is now using "infamous" correctly....

Jan. 27, 2023 by OtterMommy124 on Apple Podcasts

Civics & Coffee