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Debtors Prisons (Listener Request)

Aug. 13, 2022

In the early days of the republic, thousands of European settlers made the journey to the new world, often without any money with which to support themselves or the costs associated with crossing The Atlantic. To pay for…

Nat Turner's Rebellion

Aug. 6, 2022

One August night, under the cover of darkness, a small band of enslaved men quietly struck a blow against the system that claimed ownership of their bodies. As they moved from house to house, silently killing the families wh…

The Liberty Line: The History of the Underground Railroad

July 30, 2022

Many learned about the Underground Railroad in their history classes. Often described as a super secret network filled with tunnels and various stops along the route to freedom, the Underground Railroad has become a thing of…

The Grimke Sisters: A Conversation with Broadly Underestimated

July 23, 2022

Sarah and Angelina Grimké were well known abolitionist activists who not only worked tirelessly in their pursuit to end the institution of slavery, but also advocated for the rights of women.  However, much of the legacy …

The Case of Henrietta Wood (Listener Request)

July 16, 2022

The topic of reparations has been a contentious debate since the end of the Civil War over a century ago. But in the immediate aftermath of the war, one woman successfully sued a man she claimed illegally kidnapped her and f…

Unspoken: Healthcare Before Roe

July 9, 2022

In May, news leaked of a draft Supreme Court decision regarding a Mississippi ban on abortion. As written, the opinion seeks to overturn two landmark Supreme Court cases regarding women's healthcare rights: Planned Parenthoo…

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An amateur historian, Alycia has a Bachelor's Degree in History from Sonoma State University. She fell in love with history at a young age when her teacher, Mr. Lamb, pointed out the beautiful flaws found throughout our past. She believes history is fun and engaging - if told the right way.

When not creating new episodes for the podcast she enjoys traveling with her husband, running to 90's hip hop and planning her next Disneyland adventure.