Jan. 2, 2021

The Revolution & Slavery - All Men Created Equal?

The Revolution & Slavery - All Men Created Equal?

This episode focuses on the institution and attitude surrounding slavery in the immediate aftermath of the American Revolution. The new republic just battled to earn their independence - but what about those who were denied such freedom?

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This week I talk about the institution of human bondage in the immediate aftermath of the American Revolution.

The colonies had just declared themselves a free and independent republic where all men were created equal. But what about the men and women forced to serve in life long bondage? What did this fight for independence mean for them?

As I talk about this week, there was an immediate - albeit short lived - shift in the acceptance of and need for slavery. But as an institution and labor source, slavery would remain as part of the American fabric for another 100 years. Enjoy!

Sources Used This Episode:

  • American Slavery by Peter Kolchin
  • Vermont, the first state to abolish adult slavery, is trying to remove any mention of slavery from its Constitution altogether by Brandon Griggs, CNN. (LINK
  • Massachusetts Constitution and the Abolition of Slavery (LINK)
  • Revolutionary Changes & Limitations: Slavery, U.S. History Online Textbook (LINK)