Feb. 20, 2021

The Constitution - A Break Down

The Constitution - A Break Down

It is the document that provided the foundation for American democracy and is internationally revered. And while it is so familiar to us as the bedrock of our government, very few of us know exactly what it says. And so this episode takes the deep dive. Article by article, section by section.
Take a listen and learn about just what Madison and his buddies sent out to the states for ratification. Enjoy.

This week is all about the document that started it all - the United States Constitution. As much as it is cited in discussions across the country, very few know what it actually says and what powers are stipulated.

Come hang with me in a longer episode as I go over the Constitution and cover all seven articles, section by section.

Sources Used This Episode: 

  • Article III and the Courts, Judicial Learning Center (LINK)
  • The United States Constitution (LINK)
  • Thomas Jefferson to Samuel Kercheval Monticello July 12, 1816. (LINK)
  • The Annenberg Guide to the United States Constitution (LINK)


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